About Us

Viderium Ltd was founded in 2017 and is a UK based, International data-centre and High Performance Computing (HPC) management company.

The company invests in and builds out existing data-centre locations with HPC technologies that facilitate the management and transfer of data and new currencies.

High Performance Computing & Data Centres

Data centres are facilities used to house computer systems and associated components, such as storage systems and telecommunications. They generally include security devices, redundant data communications connections, backup power supplies and environmental controls (e.g. fire suppression and air conditioning).

Data centres have grown as an emerging asset class, with dynamic characteristics that attract investor recognition.

In terms of hard numbers, data centres have continued to attract significant levels of investment, with more than US$15bn committed to global data centres in the past 14 months. International strategies are also being pursued with a broad range of finance and investment approaches.

Future Growth in the Data Sector

Driving the sector are a number of macro trends including dramatic broadband penetration in offices and homes, especially in the US. For example, the amount of bandwidth in most homes in the US has risen from 1.5MBits to around 20MBits in less than a decade. The more bandwidth that gets to end points, the more data ends up being moved to data centres. The growth of US. video screens served up on the web, for instance, leads to huge demand for bandwidth from data centre infrastructures to serve all these increasing needs.

Private data centre companies such as Lockerbie Data Centres and Global Switch have plans to substantially increase their data centre capacity to try to stay ahead of significant growing demand for data housing.

Public companies engaged in the data centre sector have outperformed on a 12-month basis the major indices like the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the FTSE100 and have continued to prosper. Investors that aim to profit from the boom in digital data processing and storage, and the shortage of such capacity could have access to the asset class via the quoted sector through a range of listed companies such as Telecity, Equinix, Savvis, Digital Realty Trust and Akamai.

Viderium’s Global Future

Currently Viderium has existing locations rolled out across the UK and Netherlands with options, a road map and future plans for HPC locations across Iceland, Latvia and Canada.

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