Alexander Johnson

Financier - Entrepreneur - Corporate Strategist

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Alexander Johnson Profile

Alexander Johnson is an international businessman and corporate strategy consultant. He is the founder and CEO of Lochwood Capital and Lochwood Ventures, which focus on his personal investments and development projects.

Previously, Alexander managed strategic planning for several private and public companies in the United States and Europe, specialising in pre- and post-IPO placements.

Among his significant previous positions, Alexander served as CEO of Worldwide Natural Resources PLC, a waste-to-energy company operating in South Africa. At the time, he was cited as the youngest CEO on the London Stock Exchange.

Over the years, Alexander participated in raising venture capital to finance various new companies and joint ventures, before launching his own VC firm, Lochwood Capital. He later founded Lochwood Ventures which focuses on innovations in the technology sector.

Alexander studied Business & Management at European Business School and Kaplan University. He is an active supporter of various waste-to-energy projects, utilising his in-depth knowledge of processes, technologies and operations. He is also involved with several environmental charities specialising in wildlife protection and ocean conservation.