Celebs join the cryptocurrency boom

Monday, February 12, 2018

A number of celebrities have adopted cryptocurrencies and broadcasted their keen interest in the this growing space.

Popular hip-hop artist 50 Cent accepted Bitcoin payment for his 2014 album Animal Instinct. The rapper says his intention was never to make profit, claiming he “forgot” he was receiving payment for the album in Bitcoin. In 2014 Bitcoin was valued at $660 per coin, which means that at its peak last year 50 Cent made an astonishing $14 million from the cryptocurrency.

Richard Branson is another advocator for cryptocurrency. In 2014, Branson invested $30 million into startup BitPay, a global bitcoin payment service provider.

Multi-Grammy award-winning recording artist Katy Perry and Oscar-nominated actor Ashton Kutcher are both proactive cryptocurrency investors. Recently Perry posted a photo on her social media showing a graphic manicure where each finger nail was adorned with the logo representing a different cryptocurrency. Perry chose to go with Bitcoin and Monero on her middle and ring fingers, while Ethereum adorned her thumb and Litecoin was on her index finger. In November 2017, Perry said she met with businessman Warren Buffet to discuss cryptocurrencies. On his social media, Ashton Kutcher has often expressed his support for decentralised technology behind Bitcoin. He is one of the earliest adopters of Ethereum and bought into the currency before it was made publicly available in 2015. He also often tweets about Bitcoin news after investing into Bitcoin-processing service Bitbay.