DEAC Finalises First Phase Of its $11.1m Data Centre In Latvia

Monday, April 29, 2019

Hosting service provider DEAC has completed the first stage of construction of its new data centre in Riga, Latvia’s capital.

The company revealed that the first phase was cabling power supply of 4MW, and preparing to set up 400 racks at the new facility, which is predicted to serve customers with availability at a minimum of 99.98%.

The total investments for the new Latvian data centre has been predicted to exceed $11.1m.

This is the third DEAC facility, which previously developed 2MW data centres now utilized by Baltics, EU and CIS customers.

The new data centre’s resources is expect to be used by key enterprise customers or potentially as a multi-tenant data centre for intermediary parties.

“Creating data centres as a joint project is becoming a trend,” said Andris Gailītis, CEO of DEAC.

“This is a great opportunity to be one of the first, but also to act as co-owner of the new facility and influence developments.”

The company are actively seeking enterprises interested in large scalable data centre capacities to potentially become the facility’s co-owner/long-term partner.

“Increasing data volumes require IT infrastructure expansion, efficiency improvements with tailor-made IT solutions and balance between CAPEX and OPEX,” added Gailītis.

“Currently, we have seen higher interest from the UK due to Brexit. They are willing to diversify risks as part of their plan ‘B’ and cover their European operations with services of backup data centre.”

The company added that Riga is a notorious data centre location due to R&D, shared service and operation centres, back office and IT functions’ consolidation hub.

Founded in 1999, DEAC now provides data centre services to customers in over 40 countries, and currently operates two data centre facilities in Riga with 330 server racks, which they plan to increase to 730 and POPs in London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Moscow and Kiev.