The Blockchain Solution to Gun Control in America

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Gun control continues to be at the forefront of the headline with another violent mass shooting in the United States in February 2018. Professor Thomas Heston at Washington State University suggests blockchain technology could make a significant impact on police gun control in America.

Heston suggests blockchain technology could be used to create a database to monitor and track firearm information. Heston further explains, "qualified gun owners can upload their data to an electronic gun safe. Data would be tied to an individual’s biometric data, just like a fingerprint”.

A clear audit can then be tracked from the inception and point sale of firearms, which the data would be able to identify instantly.

Heston further explains that using blockchain technology has significant advantages especially for the security of data. Blockchain has the potential to lower the risk of owner details being hacked and to make background checks more accurate.

Nearly 3,000 people manage to pass a background check for firearms in the US annually. Blockchain technology can minimise risk and mitigate failures in the current system of gun ownership in the US.