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Our Sectors


Education is thriving with innovation as core education providers adapt to more high-tech approaches to learning. We aim to facilitate the future of education by disrupting existing models with new digital learning tools and services that enhance educational experiences worldwide.


To succeed in tomorrow’s environment, media companies need to fuel both innovation and efficiency. We identify and evaluate the drivers of change in the industry and focus on content creation, circulation and distribution channels.

Financial Services

Shifts in economic climates and changes in consumer practices are disrupting traditional financial technologies. We’re constantly rethinking established business models in financial services and leveraging technology to revolutionise the industry.

Machine Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way we live, work and play, creating multiple avenues for innovation. We are able to bring together talent and resources that help to build and launch new products and services in one of the most aspirational markets that exist.

Beauty & Wellness

Increasingly health-conscious consumers, willing to experiment with lifestyle habits and choices, present new opportunities in the beauty and wellness industries. We prompt exciting new developments as demand for improved technologies in the sector continues to drive front-line innovations.

Digital Health

We analyse existing problems in the health sector and test new digital technologies for their ability to create solutions through in-depth research, pilot testing and impact evaluation.